In 2015, SPCG Inc. relocated from New Jersey to Los Angeles. Even with a longer swim season, thousands more pools and a thriving housing market, you still need someone you trust to look at your pool.

Los Angeles has some of the highest Real Estate prices in the nation. Why chance what will be you or your clients biggest asset? For Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool Inspections, let SPCG Inc. be your Pool Expert of choice. Our 100 point  inspection will leave nothing to surprise and make sure your home is everything you thought it would be!  Here at SPCG INC. we have one promise, that we will always treat your pool as if it was ours, and the advice we give you will be backed up with facts.

With our in depth knowledge, free phone consulting and our promise to ‘shoot you straight’ – We’re not just another pool guy. SPCG Inc. is “THE POOL GUY’S ‘POOL GUY!”

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Up to code? SPCG Inc. trained the NY and NJ Health Departments on who needed to comply, and residential pools only need make a change if renovating.


According to the CDC, from 2000 to 2014, drowning was the second leading cause of injury deaths in 1-14 year old children, only behind vehicle crashes.


In 2010, the VGB Act shook the pool world. With children especially at risk to be held down by a broken or missing drain and drown, commercial pools and Health Departments alike scrambled to make sense of a deadline that when past, only two manufactures had approved drain covers to market.


You wouldn’t hire a custody lawyer to perform plastic surgery, so hire someone who knows the laws and specializes in pools. When it’s your family’s safety on the line, don’t compromise.

With SPCG Inc., you’re getting a report dedicated to the pool and surrounding area and a consultant for life. Check out what our 100pt inspection includes by clicking below.