Our Mission

To have a positive impact on the forward movement of the swimming pool industry by leading the way in education, training and increased safety awareness both in and out of the pool. Providing knowledge, insight and reliable information in a timely manner otherwise not readily available. Emphasizing the importance of best practices and the benefits of preventative maintenance for a healthier pool and lifestyle. Consulting professionals and homeowners alike creating a confident aquatic operator who can make concise,  definitive decisions in the small window of time it can take for drowning to take a person’s life.


Los Angeles has some of the highest Real Estate prices in the nation. Why chance what will be you or your clients biggest asset? For Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool Inspections, let SPCG Inc. be your Pool Expert of choice. Our 100 point  inspection will leave nothing to surprise and make sure your home is everything you thought it would be! With our in depth knowledge, free phone consulting and our promise to ‘shoot you straight’ – We’re not just another pool guy. SPCG Inc. is “THE POOL GUY’S ‘POOL GUY!”

Education & Training

SPCG Inc. has classes near you! Our award winning instructors have certified thousands of Pool and Spa Operators and Builders, Manufacturers and Health Departments alike. With our world class education and instruction, you will leave class with confidence and an arsenal of knowledge. Check out our State & County Codes Page to find out your requirements. Whether you’re new to the pool industry or a seasoned veteran, SPCG Inc. has the certification and education for you.

Other Services

Have a general question or need pool service? We do weekly maintenance, startups, consulting and expert witness. All of our employees are Certified Instructors or Pool Experts. If you are in the industry and want a group of your peers to throw out some design ideas, best practices and the answers to some of your toughest questions. Join our Facebook Community Group with over 1400 members and Subscribe to our Poolin’ Around Blog to get the most up to date information, reviews, company profiles and a whole plethora of information we have coming your way each week!